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Bitcoin Cash.

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The Bitcoin Cash blockchain is an immutable, globally distributed, pseudo-anonymous data storage device. was developed due to a lack of reliable and anonymous file upload and file sharing web services. allows anyone or any system to upload files to IPFS and the Bitcoin Cash blockchain without requiring login credentials. Files uploaded to IPFS and the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain can be shared with anyone in the world using a simple URI (e.g., bitcoinfile: 3fd2d31cf798471af16941fe9423dc80436e4783deb96f3a12c12eacd212d63b).

How it works

The Bitcoin Files Protocol describes the ruleset for uploading and downloading files of any size that are stored on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Files are submitted to the network in a series of chained transactions as shown in the diagram below. Each transaction contains a small part of the file and the final transaction hash (txid) in the series represents the file's id which can be used to locate the file on the blockchain.

Bitcoin Files Protocol is powered by the Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP). Files are uploaded to the blockchain in a series of data chunks encapsulated within OP_RETURN messages located within a transaction. The file is located on the blockchain using the transaction hash (txid) of the last uploaded data chunk.

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The Bitcoin Files Protocol can be implemented easily for your projects using the JavaScript SDK available on npm.

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